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Ask your supermarket to Feed you the Truth

Most of the meat, eggs and dairy products sold in UK supermarkets comes from animals that have been fed GM crops. This isn't listed on the label and supermarkets seem to think their customers don't care.

What you can do

Get in touch with the supermarkets

Let supermarket head offices know that you care about the use of GM animal feed and expect them to do better.

Please get in touch with one or more of the ten supermarkets featured in our Feed me the Truth campaign. Let them know that you want to be able to buy own-brand meat, eggs and dairy products from animals that have not been fed GM crops.

Top Tips

  • Ask nicely and get straight to the point. A short, polite letter or email usually gets better results than a long or angry one.
  • Explain why you are getting in touch and what you would like to be done. This campaign is focused on GM-fed products so don’t get fobbed off with replies about GM ingredients, or the fact that their organic ranges are non GM-fed – they have to be so that’s really missing the point!
  • It’s also a good idea to thank the company for dealing with your complaint as it ends the letter, email or phone call in a positive manner.


When you're out shopping

Visit one of the ten supermarkets featured in our Feed me the Truth campaign and ask if the meat, eggs and dairy products on sale are from animals that have been GM-fed.

You could ask staff at the meat or cheese counter if they know the answer, or go to customer services. If you have time, ask to speak to the manager. Whoever you talk to, please be polite but don't be fobbed off with an answer about organic products. Organic standards exclude the use of GM feed so you want to know which non-organic products you can buy without supporting GM. Tell them that:

  • You want better information about which products are - and are not - GM-fed
  • You want to buy own-brand products that come from animals that have not been fed GM crops

Please ask about own-brand products (with the supermarket's own name or logo somewhere on the packet) and focus on basic eggs, milk, dairy products (eg cheese, buttter, cream), poultry, red meat or farmed fish. Feed me the Truth banner


Share what you learn

Use social media to share what you have learnt


Please use #FeedmetheTruth so we can see your post and share it more widely. Tag the supermarket too to help get their attention.

If you receive information that is different from what you can see in our Products Table, please get in touch so that so we can adjust our table or help you take further action if the information you have been given turns out to be incorrect.


Background to this action

GM Freeze is urging the UK's top ten supermarkets to Feed me the Truth about GM animal feed.

Most non-organic farm animals in the UK are given genetically modified feed, despite the fact that none of the crops they are fed can legally be grown here. The crops they are eating are designed to either tolerate repeated spraying with particular weedkillers (usually glyphosate) or produce pesticides within their own cells. They are associated with some of the most damaging farm practices in the world and are harming people, animals and the environment.

GM ingredients have to appear on the label, but GM feed does not need to be mentioned so consumers are being kept in the dark.

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