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GM products are creeping into our shops

Products with GM labels are creeping quietly onto supermarket shelves - here we help you to spot them and make your feelings known.

20 Apr 2016

Domino's ditch GM at last

After using GM ingredients in two of their pizza bases for over a year, Domino's finally made good on its promise to return to GM-free in April 2016. See below for more details.

What you can do

The products listed below are known to contain GM ingredients. If you want our food to be produced responsibly, fairly and sustainably the best things to do are:

  • Don't buy these products and tell the store manager that you don't want to see them on the shelves
  • Write to head office to ensure that they understand that their customers don't want to buy or eat GM. You can find contact details for the main UK supermarkets here.
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 Domino's GM Pizzas

Domino's were selling two pizza bases (Thin & Crispy and Double Decadence) with GM ingredients between February 2015 and April 2016. They have now returned to GM-free so thanks to our supporters who let them know that we don't want GM in our takeaways.

GM Cooking oil

KTC cooking oil

Spotted in Tesco, Somerfield, Sainsbury's and Asda. This is one of the most consistently stocked GM items on UK supermarket shelves. Varieties affected include blended olive pomace oil, extended life cooking oil and oil marked simply "vegetable oil".



Pride cooking oil

GM stock spotted in supermarkets a few years ago so keep an eye open

GM oil is also sometimes used by chip shops and other restaurants. See our action about GM cooking oil for more information.


Reese's products

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups ingredients  Reese's Pieces on supermarket shelf

Reese's top the chart for number of different GM varieties spotted for sale, but they also have quite a lot of non-GM stock for sale in the UK. The GM ones we've spotted are as follows:

Puffs cereal spotted in Selfridges and Tesco

Peanut Butter spotted in Sainsbury's and Selfridges (contains GM soya oil)

Peanut Butter Cups (six packs, white chocolate, three packs, large cups -NB some varieties are not GM) - spotted Tesco, B&M Bargains, UCL Shop, Waitrose, Co-op, Amazon and more

Peanut butter candy, spotted in Tesco

Sticks spotted online at Tesco.com

and various other Reese's products spotted at The Happy Apple (Totnes) and online with Amazon.

GM in other American chocolate, candy and other sweet treats


 Hershey chocolate bars and other products

  • Cookies 'n Chocolate
  • Cookies 'n Creme
  • Creamy Milk Chocolate
  • Nutrageous
  • Caramel syrup

and other varieties, spotted in Tesco, Co-op, Sainsbury's UCL Shop, University College London, Waitrose, Centra, the Happy Apple, Selfridges and other outlets.

Interestingly, Hershey's announced they were phasing GM out of their products - are we happy to have America's rejects dumped in our stores?


Spotted in Selfridges, Tesco, WH Smith and others 

Oreo Mint Cream and Double Stuf

Spotted in Tesco and Selfridges

M&Ms mint variety

Spotted in B&M Bargains, Quality Save and others

Butterfinger peanut butter cups

Spotted in B&M Bargains

Fudge Brownie Cookie Dough Bites

Spotted in B&M Bargains

Rice Krispies Marshmallow Square Treat Sheet

Spotted in B&M Bargains

Mike and Ike's Fruit Candies

Spotted in Tesco and Selfridges

Tootsie Roll Candy Bar

spotted in Tesco

Baby Ruth

Spotted in B&M Bargains

Bazooka chewing gum

Spotted in Tesco

Marshamallow Fluff

Spotted in Tesco

Smucker's Goober peanut butter & grape jelly stripes

Spotted in Selfridges

Milk Duds

Spotted in Selfridges


GM in cereals and "breakfast items"

Reese's Puffs cereal

spotted in Tesco and Selfridges

Lucky Charms cereal

Spotted in Tesco and Selfridges

Kellog's Pop Tarts

Spotted in Tesco and Selfridges

Other GM products


Gaucho Ranch Dulce de Leche milk caramel spread

Spotted on sale at Ocado

Moravian Cookie

Spotted in Marks and Spencer

Ton Ton Sauce

Spotted in Marks and Spencer

Yoshida's Original Gourmet Sauce

Spotted in Costco


Background to this action

The following GM-containing products were spotted on UK shelves a while ago. Some may still be lurking, some have been quietly removed but your comments and refusal to buy others has led to some products being re-formulated to avoid GM, as reported on the GM Watch website.  We are making a difference.

  • Create a Treat Gingerbread Train kit - spotted in Hobbycraft
  • Bacos Bacon Flavour Soya chips - spotted in Tesco and Morrison
  • Lucky Charms marshmallow cereal bars - spotted at Tesco.com
  • OSEM cream crackers - spotted in Morrison's
  • OSEM sesame crackers - spotted in Waitrose
  • OSEM wafers chocolate flavour - spotted in Sainsbury's
  • Schwartz Seasoned Salad Topping - spotted in Sainsbury's


All previous updates

17 Mar 2015

Now Waitrose are at it

Last year Marks & Spencer started stocking GM cooking sauces and cookies, then today we heard about GM American Candy bars on the shelves in Waitrose. Many customers will be shocked because Waitrose has a much better record than most on GM animal feed (see www.gmfreeze.org/gmfed).

Please be #overheardinwaitrose saying no!

21 Mar 2015

Domino's pizzas have gone GM

After a tip-off from an eagle-eyed supporter we have discovered the Domino's are now selling genetically modified pizzas. Two of the base options are affected but the Domino's website was claiming that all of their products were GM-free as late as yesterday (20 March). Funnily enough they changed that once the Daily Mail had noticed (see our press section).

Domino's claim that the move is a temporary measure - please help make sure that's the case by letting them know that you don't want GM in your takeaway.

24 Feb 2016

Selfridges get in on the act

High end retailer Selfridges are currently displaying a wide range of imported American candy and treats, most of which are made with GM ingredients.

If you see GM products for sale in the UK, please let us know by emailing info[at]gmfreeze.org with the name of the product, what GM ingredients in includes, the name of the shop where you spotted it and, if you can, a photograph.

20 Apr 2016

Domino's ditch GM at last

After using GM ingredients in two of their pizza bases for over a year, Domino's finally made good on its promise to return to GM-free in April 2016. See below for more details.