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Help build our list of GM products in shops

Very few products with GM labels are on supermarket shelves, but the ones we've found might surprise you

What you can do

In 2003 Greenpeace produced a 13 page booklet listing hundreds of products to help shoppers try to avoid buying GM foods. Since then overwhelming public rejection has succeeded in forcing most of these products off supermarket shelves or the replacement of the GM components with non-GM.

However in recent months we have noticed a few GM products for sale in UK supermarkets. We want to develop a new list in order to help shoppers avoid these products and to help direct pressure on supermarkets to stop selling them.

If you find a product containing GM for sale in the UK, please send us:

  • the name of the product
  • the GM ingredient(s) concerned
  • the name and address of the shop where you found it
  • the date you saw the item for sale
  • a photograph of the label stating the GM content if at all possible
  • what, if anything, the store manager has to say in response to any complaint you make

Many thanks for your help. As long as some supermarkets say they are keeping an "open mind" about GM,  we need to help them understand that their customers are still resolutely opposed.

Please take care when buying products imported from North America as we have noticed these are a source GM ingredients - when it doubt READ THE LABEL (and let us know if you find GM there).

Background to this action

Products containing GM on sale in the UK

Product (found here/when - scroll down for more pictures)

Create a Treat Gingerbread Train kit:

  • Hobbycraft, January 2014

General Mills Bacos Bacon Flavour Soya chips:

  • Tesco and Morrisons/March 2009

General Mills Lucky Charms cereal:

  • Tesco, August 2013, May 2014 (both regular and chocolate) in Guildford

General Mills Lucky Charms marshmallow cereal bars:

  • Tesco.com, May 2014

Hershey's Nutrageous chocolate bars:

  • Tesco/from January 2009
  • Sainsbury's/from March 2009
  • Co-op February 2014

KTC cooking oil:

  • Tesco/from December 2008
  • Somerfield from March 2009
  • Sainsbury's April 2012
  • Asda, July 2012
  • GM oil is also sometimes used by chip shops and other restaurants. See our action about GM cooking oil for more information.

Nestle Baby Ruth:

  • B&M Bargains, July 2013

Nabisco Oreo Peanut Butter Cream Cookies:

  • Tesco Leytonstone, March 2014

OSEM cream crackers:

  • Morrison's, July 2011

OSEM sesame cracker:

  • Waitrose, March 2012

OSEM wafers chocolate flavour:

  • Sainsbury's, October 2013

Pride cooking oil:

  • Tesco, Coop/from January 2007
  • Sainsbury's/from February 2008

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups:

  • Tesco.com, May 2014 (both regular and white chocolate)
  • B&M Bargains, July 2014

Reese's sticks:

  • Tesco.com, May 2014

Schwartz Seasoned Salad Topping:

  • Sainsbury's/from March 2009