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GM products are creeping into our shops

Products with GM labels are creeping quietly onto supermarket shelves - here we help you to spot them and make your feelings known.

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If you have more time or want to see what else we are working on, see our full list of actions here.

Things change because people make them change.

We can hold politicians to account. We can shop smart and press food companies to give us what we want. And we can win:

  • There is very little labelled GM food in UK shops today because consumers reacted so strongly against it that food companies, particularly supermarkets, reaslised they had to avoid it to keep their customers.
  • Sweden's four major food retailers all ban GM feed in poultry/chicken, lamb, beef, veal, pig meat and milk because shoppers demanded it - against the wishes of the government and food industry.

These actions will help keep GM foods out of our shops and get GM out of our animal feed. To help you see which actions we think are the most urgent we've listed them in order of priority. We also understand that people feel strongly about different issues, so please take the actions you feel are most important even if they aren't the ones we prioritise.

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