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GM Freeze Annual General Meeting

Thursday, 19 October 2017, 2pm
Friends of the Earth
The Printworks, 139 Clapham Road, London SW9 OHP

Formal Notice of AGM and agenda

GM Freeze AGM 2016 Minutes

GM Freeze Annual Report and Accounts 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017

Member organisations should appoint one formal representative who may vote at the meeting. Other members and our supporters are most welcome to attend and join in the discussion in a non-voting capacity. Please let us know (email liz[at] if you are intending to attend but if you find yourself able to come at the last minute, do please just turn up.

The AGM will also elect members of the GM Freeze Management Committee, which serves as Board of Directors. If you are part of a member organisation and would like to nominate yourself or a colleague from any GM Freeze member organisation, please download the information and nomination form below and return it by Thursday 28 September as explained on the form.

Pdf version: GMF board nomination form 2017 FINAL for web

Word document: GMF board nomination form 2017 FINAL for web

Anyone considering standing for the committee should read the GM Freeze Articles of Association, particularly paragraphs 28 to 64.

The following people have been nominated for election to the GM Freeze Management Committee. Nominations remain open until the start of the meeting. If further nominations are received by Monday 16 October they will be published here. Valid nominations received after that date will be announced at the AGM.

Jane O’Meara

Representing GM Free Dorset, Jane has fifteeen years’ experience as a grassroots GM campaigner. She currently serves on the GM Freeze Management Committee and her term of office is coming to an end. Jane is standing for re-election and has been nominated by Oliver Dowding (Shepton Farms Ltd) and Bruce Pearce (Organic Research Centre).

Kierra Box

Representing Friends of the Earth (England Wales and Northern Ireland), Kierra is a food and farming campaigner. She has a background in campaigning on social justice and welfare issues with a range of voluntary sector bodies. Kierra is standing for election to the GM Freeze Management Committee for the first time. She has been nominated by Emi Murphy and Mike Childs (both Friends of the Earth).