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GM Freeze Annual General Meeting 2023

A big thanks to all that attended our AGM in October, both online and in person in the dizzying heights of the Millbank Tower on the banks of the Thames. Thanks also to The Green Alliance and our member Friends of the Earth for the venue.

Impressive backdrop for our 2023 Annual General Meeting 2023

GM Freeze Chairperson Kierra Box (Friends of the Earth) provided a review of the year, including our work combatting the Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Act and challenging field trial applications. As pointed out by Lawrence Woodward of Beyond GM, our work throughout the year was much enhanced by our collaborative approach and co-ordinating with other organisations.

We had a hugely informative discussion about the current regulatory landscape and the multiple issues facing our movement: from Brexit and the sudden loss of lobbying transparency, to novel allergens, food fraud, transparency and safety. More details are available in the draft minutes, below.

Our next Annual General Meeting is due to take place in October 2024.