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Complaining about a media story

If you see something about GM in the media and you don’t think it is accurate or fair, there are a few different things that you can do.

campaigners spell GMO OMG as Coronation Street characters

  • Tweet using the programme or paper’s own hashtag and include @GMFreeze so we can share and follow any responses.
  • Use the online comments facility if there is one, but please stick to the facts and avoid getting drawn into mud-slinging.
  • Send a letter for publication. Check the contacts details in the publication, or on their website and make sure you include your name and address as most require these details even if they don’t print them (you can specify that you do not want your personal details published).
  • Make a formal complaint. If you really think that a programme or article is out of line, you can make a formal complaint. Start with the outlet themselves and if you are not satisfied with their response you can try Ofcom for radio or television programmes or the Independent Press Standards Organisation for newspapers and magazines (including their websites). The BBC has a centralised complaints procedure.

Whatever route you choose, please be polite and stick to the facts.