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for a responsible, fair & sustainable food system

Action: Ask your MP to safeguard our food and our farms

GM Freeze published a Manifesto for a responsible, fair and sustainable food system ahead of the 2019 General Election. Please download and send a copy to your MP, then let us know how they respond.


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We are asking MPs to commit to:

  • Protection for people, animals and the environment, through robust GM regulations that allow the use of GMOs in food and farming to be properly scrutinised by politicians and the public.
  • A fair deal for farmers, beekeepers, growers and everyone in the food chain, with protection from contamination and clear financial liability for any harm done by growing or using GM crops.
  • Informed choice for everyone through clear labelling of food produced with GM ingredients or from GM-fed animals.

You can find out who has been (re)elected as the MP for your area on the UK Parliament website.

Please let us know what response you get by emailing info[at]