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Action: Ask your MP to speak up against plans to remove gene editing safeguards

The UK government wants to deregulate experimental new forms of genetic engineering. Please ask your MP to challenge this plan.

No safety checks? No monitoring? No choice! Say No to GMO deregulation


Key points you may want to make (in your own words) include:

  • You do not agree with plans to remove vital safeguards from any form of genetic engineering.
  • Gene editing must be properly regulated with safety checks, monitoring and labels that allow us to choose what we are buying and eating.
  • Changing the rules in England will make it very difficult to trade with the European Union and undermine the devolution agreements for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • The consultation questions are not designed to find out what people really think.

Please send a copy of any response you receive to info[at]


Some MPs don’t sign Early Day Motions so if this applies to your MP they can still help by writing to Environment Secretary George Eustice or asking a Parliamentary Question about the consultation. Details of the kind of action MPs can take are included in our political briefing.