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Action: Show that shoppers want a GM free supply chain

Please let your favourite supermarket know that you don’t want GM in the food chain.

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Most of the meat, eggs, milk, dairy and fish products sold in UK supermarkets comes from animals that have been fed GM crops.

This doesn’t need to be mentioned on the label and supermarkets seem to think that means it doesn’t matter to their customers.

Now, people across the UK are making their voices heard and demanding that supermarkets put more non GM-fed products for sale.

Will you join them?

Let supermarket head offices know that you care about the use of GM animal feed and expect them to do better.

Tell them you want to be able to buy own-brand meat, eggs and dairy products from animals that have not been fed GM crops.

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Visit your regular supermarket and ask if the meat, eggs and dairy products on sale are from animals that have been GM-fed.

Speak to the manager if you can and don’t be fobbed off with an answer about organic products. Organic standards exclude the use of GM feed so you want to know which non-organic products you can buy without supporting GM. Tell them that:

  • You want better information about which products are – and are not – GM-fed
  • You want to buy own-brand products that come from animals that have not been fed GM crops



Our Tips

  • Ask nicely and get straight to the point. A short, polite letter, email or conversation usually gets the best result.
  • Explain why you are getting in touch and what you would like to be done. This campaign is focused on GM-fed products so don’t get fobbed off with replies about GM ingredients, or the fact that their organic ranges are non GM-fed – they have to be so that’s really missing the point.

Please let us know how you get on and share any response you receive by contacting us on info[at] or 0845 217 8992.

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