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Action: Feed the Truth to your local community

Please join forces with others who share your concern about the hidden GM in our food chain and stage a Feed me the Truth campaign event in your local area.

Most non-organic meat, eggs and dairy products are made from animals that have been fed GM crops.

This doesn’t need to be mentioned on the label but we’re asking supermarkets to #FeedmetheTruth and to make more non #GMfed products available.

Friends, colleagues and members of environmental and other groups around the country are getting the message across in their local communities.Will you join them?

Person in a chicken suit sat in a trolly with ‘GM chicken feed’ and supermarket shopping bags, outside a Sainsbury’s with blindfolded shoppers behind © Matt Writtle 2016Whether it’s a photo-shoot outside a supermarket, a stall at a local green fair or foodie event, or an eye-catching use of a blindfold, these small local events show that shoppers really care about this issue.

The blindfold symbolises the fact that customers are being kept in the dark about supermarket’s meat, eggs and dairy products are from GM-fed animals. Make sure your action lets people know what the Feed me the Truth campaign is all about, but get creative about how you do that.

Our tips

If you want your group action to relate to a particular supermarket, make sure that the supermarket’s branding is visible and that you are focusing on the right products – see our Products Table and Five Star Standard rankings for the latest info.

If you are part of a group that wants to stage a press stunt, or if you have an idea that you think might attract media attention, please get in touch on info[at] to see if we can help.

Tag your posts with #FeedmetheTruth and mention @gmfreeze, so we can share more widely.

Our Feed me the Truth action guide has lots more tips and ideas.