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Action: Keep GM out of the future of farming

The Government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), wants to hear your views about the future of food, farming and the environment. They say they want a Green Brexit. Please let them know that GM has no place in that.

Safeguard our farmsEnvironment Secretary Michael Gove is heading a major consultation on just how UK agriculture policy should work after Brexit. His department has published detailed documents and is encouraging people to use a special online consultation tool.

The deadline for taking part is Tuesday 8 May

If you’re very short of time

Please email, to let Michael Gove know that the Green Brexit he has promised needs to include:

  • Rigorous GM regulation that protects people, animals and the environment.
  • GM labelling that allows people to take control of what they are eating.
  • Protection from GM contamination.

Write today if you can and make sure you don’t miss the deadline – Tuesday 8 May.

If you want to be sure your contribution is seriously considered

This is the biggest opportunity in years for you to tell the Government what kind of future you want for farming in the UK. It really is worth looking through the consultation documents published by Defra and answering the questions they pose. Include your views on all the issues raised to show that your opposition to GM is based on a wider understanding of the food and farming system.

The questions that we believe offer the most appropriate opportunities to talk specifically about GM are:

What are the priority research topics that industry and government should focus on to drive improvements in productivity and resource efficiency?

You might want to show your support for focusing on soil health, biodiversity, genetic diversity and other holistic approaches to a sustainable food and farming system. This would also be a good place to mention your concerns about the patenting of biotech crops.

Which environmental outcomes do you consider to be the most important public goods that government should support?

We are keen to get genetic diversity, as well biodiversity, acknowledged as a public good. Similarly, GM Freeze believes that genetic resources are a public good and should not be controlled by any individual, group or company.

What are the agricultural and land management policy areas where a common approach across the UK is necessary?

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all significantly more sceptical about GM than Mr Gove and his Westminster colleagues. GM Freeze agrees that there is a strong argument for consistency across the UK but that must respect our devolved nations’ right to say no to GM. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle and GM pollen will not respect national boundaries so if we don’t all agree to having GM then the answer for the whole UK must also be NO!

How can we best protect and promote our brand, remaining global leaders in environmental protection, food safety, and in standards of production and animal welfare?

Consumers consistently show that they don’t want GM in their food, in surveys and at the supermarket checkout. High standards means keeping our GM labels and keeping our foods GM-free.

However you respond to the consultation, don’t miss the 8 May deadline and please let us know that you have taken part by emailing a copy of your submission to info[at]

It is also helpful to send a copy to your MP.  This consultation is focused on England but its impact will clearly extend to the whole UK so, if you live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland do still take part and send a copy to your MSPs, AM or MLAs as well.

Our friends at Write to Them will help you contact all your elected representatives – just type in your postcode below:


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