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Action: Put people in the picture about GM animal feed

Please raise awareness of the hidden GM in our food chain by getting creative with a blindfold.

Most non-organic meat, eggs and dairy products are made from animals that have been fed GM crops. This doesn’t need to be mentioned on the label but we’re asking supermarkets to #FeedmetheTruth and to make more non #GMfed products available.

FmtT montage1People across the UK are wearing blindfolds to highlight the way we are being kept in the dark about GM animal feed. Join them by posting your own blindfold picture on social media. It works well to mention one particular supermarket and to include one of their products, a branded shopping bag or perhaps a sign in the photo.

Our Tips

With Facebook, it’s usually better to comment on one of the supermarket’s own posts. Find a food promotion that includes meat, eggs or dairy then comment asking them to #FeedmetheTruth about GM animal feed.

On Twitter, tag the supermarket you want to name and shame.

Tag your posts with #FeedmetheTruth and mention @gmfreeze, so we can share more widely.

'Feed me the Truth' banner featuring a blindfolded woman

Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter so that you can share other campaign photos and comments to help spread the word and do let us know if you get any response from a supermarket.

Find out more about the Feed me the Truth campaign.