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Action: Safeguard our Farms in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Safeguard our farms

The UK government has released plans to prevent the devolved nations having any say in GM farming regulations after Brexit. Please contact your elected representatives in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland TODAY and ask them to:


  • Defend your right to reject GM in your own country and

  • Demand robust UK-wide GM reguations and proper protection from GM contamination, including across national borders

Devolution under Brexit is a very hot topic with many different issues competing for attention. Elected representatives in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland may not yet realise that their policy on GM could be over-ridden by Westminster. Hearing from their constituents will higlight this issue and also let them know that the people who vote for them care deeply about protecting our food and our farms.

Our tips:

Ask a question, so that they have to reply

Use your own words and always be both polite and constructive. Some ideas to inspire you are:

What will you be doing to oppose moves to remove Scotland/Wales/Northern Ireland’s right to control GM cultivation after Brexit?

Will you support strict measures to prevent GM contamination of non-GM crops and food, including across national borders?

Will you work with the other devolved nations to ensure that our countries’  rejection of GM is not ignored by UK policy makers?

Show your support

It is unusual for campaigners to get in touch in support of government policies so when writing to your representative/s in the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish administrations, make the most of the fact that you are backing their current policy at a time when it is under threat from Westminster.

Write to your national and UK representatives

The details of what you say will need to say will be different but please write to your MP as well as your MSPs, AM or MLAs as they will will have different opportunities to make a difference.

Keep in touch

Our friends at Write to Them have created this fabulous tool to make it easy for you to contact your elected representatives but we don’t see what you submit via their site so do please send a copy of your messages and any replies you receive to info[at]


Background information

UK agricultural policy is largely overseen by the European Union, but those areas under national control are devolved to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The UK Government has long been a vocal supporter of GM in food and farming, but all three devolved nations take a different view. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have all used EU regulations to ban the cultivation of GM crops, even where they are allowed to be grown elsewhere in Europe.

UK ministers have released a list of 24 devolved policy areas that are expected to come under UK control, perhaps temporarily, after Brexit. GM regulation and food labelling are both included in the list.

GM Freeze briefing on Brexit and GM

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