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Action: Who should pay to Safeguard our Farms?

As the UK prepares to leave the European Union, our farming regulations are being reviewed. GM Freeze is campaigning for changes that make our farming system more responsible, fair and sustainable. That includes protecting farmers’ right to choose GM-free.

As part of that, we would like your view on what should happen if a non-GM crop is compromised in some way because a GM crop is grown nearby. For example, if weed killer sprayed on a GM crop damages the non-GM crop, or if GM plants contaminate the non-GM crop.

Safeguard our farms

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The most common type of GM crop has had its DNA changed so that it can withstand repeated spraying with one or more particular herbicide/s. These crops are often known as herbicide tolerant or by the brand name Roundup Ready.

If a GM seed or pollen spreads to the field where a non-GM crop is growing, the non-GM farmer may lose the market for their entire crop. This could also affect future crops if the GM plants set seed.

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