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Don’t Hide What’s Inside

Any GM ingredients in food and drink sold in the UK have to be listed on the packaging (or on the menu in cafes and restaurants) – for now. Our GM labels are under threat, from the Genetic Technology Bill and other Government plans. If you want to keep the right to choose what you are buying and eating, please get involved.

GM labelling allows us to take control of what we are buying and eating. 89% of people in the UK want GM products to be clearly labelled and 72% are willing to pay extra for non-GM food. Research also shows that, even when people are told that “precision bred” ingredients aren’t GM (they are, of course) 78% want to know if they are in their food

Without GM labels we will lose our right to choose.

Many popular products like Kellogg’s cornflakes, Coca Cola and Domino’s pizzas are made with GM ingredients in the United States (which doesn’t have proper GM labelling) while a GM-free version is made for the European market. It is already legal for the GM versions of these products to be sold here in the UK (and in the European Union – EU) but they have to tell us on the label. If we lose our GM labels, there will be no way of telling the difference between the products we are used to and the GM version.

The UK Government is dismantling the GM regulations we inherited from the European Union (EU). They seem intent on imposing untested and unlabelled GMOs across the whole UK food chain. 

Please join our campaign to ensure they Don’t Hide What’s Inside our food.


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