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for a responsible, fair & sustainable food system

Feed me the Truth

… about the GM crops being fed to the animals that produce our meat, eggs and dairy products.

NOTE: This campaign is not currently active and these pages are not being updated. We have kept the campaign pages live as you may still find the information helpful. If you are concerned about the use of GM animal feed it is still very much worth letting your favourite supermarket know that.

'Feed me the Truth' banner with slices of food on itUK supermarkets are using GM animal feed in their own brand supply chains. If you buy non-organic eggs, milk, dairy products, poultry, red meat or farmed fish you are most likely buying GM-fed – without even knowing it (click on the image to see a larger table).


We want the UK’s top ten supermarkets to change their policies. We want them to sell more non GM-fed products. And we want them to own up and Feed you the Truth about the GM in their supply chain. But they won’t do anything unless they know that this issue matters to their customers.

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Download our Feed me the Truth Action Guide to get more involved, as a group or an individual campaigner.