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for a responsible, fair & sustainable food system


We’ve Been Framed

The promotion of GM (especially gene editing) in food and farming has become turbo-charged and needs an effective response. We don’t have big PR budgets so the words, images and metaphors that we use will make a huge difference to how successful we are. GM Freeze wants to make our own communications better and to share what we learn so that others can do the same.

GM Freeze has been working with Framing Matters and stakeholders with a range of perspectives, to develop a messaging guide that will help us all communicate more effectively the reasons why there is no place for genetic engineering (by any name) in a responsible, fair and sustainable food system.

That messaging guide will be published here soon. In the meantime you can watch the recording of a workshop we held at the recent ORFC Global conference.

  • If you would like to contribute, please contact us on liz[at]gmfreeze[dot]org
  • If you would like to ensure you hear about the guide as soon as it goes live, use the form below to sign up to our email list.
  • This work has been generously funded by the Network for Social Change but you can help us put it into practice by supporting GM Freeze with a donation or subscription.