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Join our freelance specialists pool

GM Freeze employs a small staff team and works with freelancers when budgets allow. We are keen to expand the pool of specialists who support the team in this way.

VACANCY: March 2023

Freelance expert in technical aspects genetic engineering

GM Freeze leads the civil society response to GM field trials in the UK; examines applications for GMO food and feed consents; and campaigns around other specific GMOs for a variety of reasons. Our small staff team has some technical expertise and a lot of experience but we are looking for more support with the fine scientific details.

Freelance work in this area is likely to involve:

  • Desk-based research to evaluate scientific claims made by GMO developers.
  • Tracking down and organising references.
  • Working with the staff team to ensure that relevant external communications are supported by the evidence.

This work often comes up without warning and is usually urgent. For example, we might ask for someone who can do two or three days’ work that must be completed within the following two weeks and that will require a few rounds of review with the staff team.

If you have a strong technical understanding of GMOs in food and farming and are reasonably likely to have the capacity to take on a bit of work at short notice, this role may suit you well and we would love to hear from you.

Other areas of interest

We are also interested in hearing from freelancers with expertise in:

  • Legal aspects of food and farming in the UK
  • Political advocacy in the UK’s devolved nations

These areas of work are still developing so we can’t say exactly what we might need from a freelancer. However, if you know your way around general food and farming regulations; have experience of using the law in issue-based campaigning; OR have expertise in one or more of the UK’s devolved nations, we would love to hear from you.

How this opportunity works

We bring freelancers in to work on individual projects, on a day rate basis. This always depends on funding so we can’t guarantee work to anyone who joins our pool. Equally, joining the pool does not mean that you have committed to taking on any particular project that comes up. However, when we need an extra pair of hands and have the money to pay for it, pool members will be the people we turn to first.

Most of the work created by freelancers working for GM Freeze is published in GM Freeze’s name and is made available to our members and colleagues to use as they see fit. Work undertaken by freelancers is not usually credited to individuals by name, though this could be considered if it was particularly important to you.

What we need from you

You will need expertise in one or more of the specific areas in which we are looking for help (see above). You might have relevant qualifications but we are also interested in hearing from people who have gained their skills and knowledge in other ways.

You need to be reliable and able to judge your own capacity to take on and finish a particular piece of work.

You need to be used to working to fixed deadlines and be able to manage your own time effectively.

You need to be able to communicate effectively in English.

We don’t mind where you are in the world as long as there are a few hours each day when your working hours will coincide with ours to allow us to meet online. GM Freeze does not have an office so the permanent staff team works remotely.

You need to make your own arrangements to work from home or somewhere else, at your own cost. You also need to be set up to receive freelance payments in GBP (£ sterling) and to manage your own tax and related responsibilities.

What we offer in return

We do not have a fixed rate of pay for freelance workers who join the pool. We expect to pay a fair rate for your skills and experience, while recognizing that our funders and donors expect us to be careful with the money they have given to support our work. We will have an open and honest discussion with you about pay when you express an interest in joining our freelance pool and again when specific opportunities come up.

When a freelance opportunity comes up we will communicate what we need clearly with pool members. This will include information about the context, the input we need, the timescale and payment.

We are an informal, friendly and supportive team.

How to apply

There is no closing date or application form for this opportunity. We are happy to hear from freelance specialists at any time. Please just email leonie[at] with brief details of:

  • Your expertise and experience in the specialist area where we are looking for help.
  • Any specific or ongoing commitments that might affect your availability to take on freelance work, especially at short notice.
  • The freelance rates that you currently charge or your expectations around pay.

If you would prefer to have an informal chat first, please do not hesitate to get in touch by email or phone: leonie[at] +44(0)845 217 8992