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for a responsible, fair & sustainable food system


Please help safeguard our food and our farms

If you would like to help create a world in which everyone’s food is produced responsibly, fairly and sustainably, please complete the form below to make a secure online payment with a credit or debit card.

If no form appears above (or if you just prefer), you can also:

  • Send a cheque (made payable to GM Freeze) to GM Freeze, Open Space Cooperative, 41 Old Birley Street, Hulme, Manchester  M15 5RF.
  • Call us on 0845 217 8992 to discuss paying directly into our bank account (see page footer for phone call costs).

Unfortunately there is a problem with our paypal account at the moment so please don’t try to donate through that route for now – we’ll add a link when it’s back up and running

Thank you.

GM Freeze funding and plans for the future

Donations from individual supporters have always been hugely important to GM Freeze. However, we also rely on grants from trusts and foundations and we have now lost almost all our core grant funding (the kind that can be used for whatever comes up) due to shifting funder interests and competing demands. We have secured grants from several new foundations in recent years, but the new grants are all for specific project, making it very difficult to employ staff and keep working on the kind of quick turnaround things that often matter most.

In April 2020 we faced closure and asked for your help. The response to our appeal was fantastic but everything was, quite reasonably, given on a one-off basis. To face the long-term future with confidence we need a more sustainable funding plan and to achieve that, GM Freeze will need to change. We don’t know yet exactly what that change will mean but, thanks to supporters like you, we have the time to consider radical options and pursue new funding opportunities while dealing with whatever the world throws at us.

In the meantime, we are campaigning for robust UK regulation of GMOs and developing a new messaging guide to help everyone express their concerns about GM in food and farming more effectively. We are fighting to safeguard our food and our farms as key Brexit-related parliamentary bills and trade deals take shape. We are also working across the media to explain why GM is not responsible, fair or sustainable.

Many of our supporters will have lost income due to the Covid 19 crisis, while others will be giving in other ways. We understand and thank you for all that you have done to support us over the years. However, if you can spare something, please give what you can today.

Thank you