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Press releases

News releases and comments from GM Freeze are listed below.

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King Exaggerates GM Progress

Immediate release (27 Nov 2007)

GM Freeze have accused Chief Scientist Professor David King of greatly exaggerating the progress made in developing new GM crops around the world and of ignoring the other ways to tackle global climate and poverty challenges. Professor King, interviewed on …
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Defra GM Consultation Farce

Immediate release (9 Nov 2007)

GM Freeze described the Ministerial Statement on the Coexistence of GM and non-GM crops made by Defra minister Phil Woolas today as a farce. In his statement [1] the Minister said: We are grateful to everyone who responded and have …
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GM Freeze Welcomes Suspension of GM Crops in France

Immediate release (30 Oct 2007)

GM Freeze has warmly welcomed the statement by French President, Nicholas Sarkozy, that the commercial planting of GM crops in France has been suspended. The announcement was made at a national conference on the environment held this week. [1] Previous …
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GM Potato Trial Cancellation has Wider Implications

Immediate release (14 May 2007)

GM Freeze welcomed the decision of the biotech company BASF not to proceed with a trial of GM blight resistant potatoes near Hedon in East Yorkshire this year because of concerns of local borage farmers about the availability of bee …
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Vigilance Still Needed on GM Rice Contamination

Immediate release (12 Apr 2007)

GM Freeze is calling on the Food Standards Agency, as well as food retailers and manufacturers, to be on maximum alert to prevent further imports of GM contaminated US long grain rice after Swedish authorities announced yesterday finding Bayer’s unauthorised …
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GM Spuds – Industry can’t agree on blight costs

Immediate release (28 Feb 2007)

BASF, the company wanting to field test GM potatoes in Cambridgeshire and Humberside [1] over the next five years, and the British Potato Council (BPC) cannot agree about the annual costs of blight damage in UK potatoes. BASF want to …
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