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Press releases

News releases and comments from GM Freeze are listed below.

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FSA GM Dialogue Must Put Citizens First

Immediate release (25 Nov 2009)

New Survey raises concerns about political nature of latest research and new public “dialogue” GM Freeze has expressed deep concern as to why the FSA should ask the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) [1] to “explore the circumstances in …
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France to Introduce GM-free Labelling

Immediate release (4 Nov 2009)

GM Freeze welcomed the news that France intends to allow labelling of animals products produced using non-GM animal feed and is calling on the UK to follow suit. The French government is expected to legislate to allow GM-free labelling based …
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Illegal GM Contaminates Flax – UK Fails to Respond

Immediate release (14 Sep 2009)

GM Freeze has written to the Food Standards Agency and Food and Environment Minister Hilary Benn at the Department for Food and Rural Affairs asking for urgent clarification as to why the UK Government and FSA have failed to respond …
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Egypt’s Ban on GM Food “Sensible” – GM Freeze

Immediate release (14 Aug 2009)

NB – the original source of this news (Egypt’s state press agency MENA) issued a piece the next day denying its own story, citing an unnamed Agriculture Ministry official. GM Freeze will watch the situation and issue any updates we …
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Dow GM Soya Crop: A Step Back into the Dark Ages

Immediate release (12 Jun 2009)

Dow AgroSciences’ recent request [1] to the regulatory authorities in Brazil to field test a new GM soya bean tolerant to weedkillers 2,4 D and haloxyfop R has been described by GM Freeze as “a step back into the Dark …
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New Report Undermines Vatican Meeting

Immediate release (14 May 2009)

On the eve of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences’ “Study Week” on genetically modified food (“Transgenic Plants for Food Security”, 15-19 May 2009), a new report from GM Freeze shows why GM won’t, and can’t, deliver on its promises. The …
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