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Press releases

News releases and comments from GM Freeze are listed below.

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Government Must Consider All Issues on Cloned Animals

Immediate release (26 Nov 2010)

GM Freeze is calling on the Government to look at all issues, including food safety, animal welfare, ethics and socio-economics, before deciding whether to allow cloned animals, their off-spring and products into the UK. Today the Advisory Committee on Novel …
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C4 Documentary Misses Many Important GM Issues

Immediate release (5 Nov 2010)

GM Freeze welcomes the chance provided by the C4 Documentary “What the Green Movement Got Wrong” to debate whether GM crops offer a sustainable solution for future food supply and land management but says the programme fails to address many …
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EU Zero Tolerance Proposals “Completely Unacceptable”

Immediate release (28 Oct 2010)

This week’s announcement that the European Commission is proposing to allow up to 0.1% GM content in animal feed from unapproved traits [1] has been described by GM Freeze as “completely unacceptable” and not based on evidence. Very few animal …
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Deep Concern over Spelman’s Position on Cloning

Immediate release (12 Oct 2010)

GM Freeze has expressed “serious concern” following reports that Defra will review whether the offspring of cloned animals should be classified as Novel Foods and therefore require and approval before entering the food chain. [1] At a meeting at last …
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Decision to Abandon FSA GM Dialogue Welcomed

Immediate release (17 Sep 2010)

GM Freeze welcomed Science Minister David Willets’ announcement that the Food Standards Agency’s planned GM Dialogue will be abandoned. The FSA’s GM dialogue was being planned at the bequest of the previous government in collaboration with ScienceWise and the Central …
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FSA Needs to Get a Grip on Cloned Milk Sales

Immediate release (2 Aug 2010)

GM Freeze is calling for urgent action by the Food Standards Agency to ensure that no milk from cloned dairy cows enters the food chain and for procedures to be put in place to prevent the import of cloned embryos …
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European Commission Presses Ahead with GM Import Approvals

Immediate release (30 Jul 2010)

Concerns from Member States about the safety of six GM maize varieties did not stop the European Commission approving all six GM applications for import for food and feed this week. Last month’s Agriculture and Fisheries Council failed to deliver …
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MEP Votes Undermine Cameron on Food Labels

Immediate release (8 Jul 2010)

GM Freeze has written to Prime Minister David Cameron asking for clarification on his policy and approach to GM food labelling after an answer he gave in the House of Commons was undermined by Conservative MEP votes in the EU …
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RTRS Soybeans Lables Misleading – Supermarket honesty urged

Immediate release (8 Jun 2010)

The Roundtable of Responsible Soya (RTRS) attempt to greenwash highly damaging soya production as “responsible” has been condemned by an alliance of international environment, farming and consumer organisations, including GM Freeze. The RTRS is due to meet in Brazil on …
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