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Press releases

News releases and comments from GM Freeze are listed below.

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Rothamsted’s GM Wheat “Remodel” is High Risk Option

Immediate release (22 Nov 2011)

GM Freeze today described Rothamsted Research’s proposal to attempt to increase wheat yields using GM as a “high risk and potentially costly mistake”. Rothamsted’s new five year science strategy, published last week, includes an aim to increase wheat yields to …
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Insects Developing Resistance to GM Bt Crops

Immediate release (10 Nov 2011)

GM Freeze today published a review of insect resistance to Bt toxins in GM maize and Bt cotton crops around the world. It shows how, contrary to promises from GM companies, pesticide use is increasing to keep up with insects …
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RR Crops to Raise the White Flag?

Immediate release (19 Oct 2011)

Superweed spreading “exponentially” in GM cotton – Monsanto tells farmers they are on their own Herbicide resistant weeds are winning the pesticide “arms race” in US Roundup Ready crops, and Monsanto has no intention of shouldering responsibility for rising weed …
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Defra Approval of UK GM Wheat Trial a Mistake

Immediate release (16 Sep 2011)

GM Freeze today described Defra’s decision to approve a GM wheat trial at Rothamsted Research as “a big mistake and premature”. The consent [1], issued today, includes provision to prevent the GM wheat crossing with couch grass and to stop …
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Call to Reject UK GM Wheat Application

Immediate release (17 Aug 2011)

GM Freeze has called on Defra Ministers to reject an application from Rothamsted Research [1] to field trial GM wheat in Hertfordshire in 2012 and 2013. The group has also requested Ministers to hold a public consultation on the use …
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GM Freeze Welcomes Commons Call to Make Science Data Public

Immediate release (1 Aug 2011)

GM Freeze today welcomed the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report recommendation that data used in peer reviewed scientific publications should be made public. The presumption must be that, unless there is a strong reason otherwise, data should …
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BASF Pulls the Plug on New GM Crop Development in the EU

Immediate release (11 Jul 2011)

BASF Plant Sciences have decided not to develop GM crops for the European market. Recent correspondence with the company said they, “[D]ecided some time ago to not initiate any new projects that are focused exclusively on the European market.” GM …
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The Human Cost of the War on Superweeds

Immediate release (30 Jun 2011)

New report from GM Freeze and Greenpeace International links herbicides to cancer, birth defects and water pollution From flower boxes in city gardens to intensive farming on a massive scale, weed killers are used under the assumption that they are …
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Government Backs High Security GM Test Sites

Immediate release (15 Jun 2011)

The Coalition Government has today put its support behind conducting GM field trials on high security sites. In their response to a House of Commons Science and Technology Committee Report [1], the Government rejected the proposal to keep the location …
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