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Press releases

News releases and comments from GM Freeze are listed below.

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New Report Undermines Vatican Meeting

Immediate release (14 May 2009)

On the eve of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences’ “Study Week” on genetically modified food (“Transgenic Plants for Food Security”, 15-19 May 2009), a new report from GM Freeze shows why GM won’t, and can’t, deliver on its promises. The …
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Germans Ban GM Maize

Immediate release (14 Apr 2009)

GM Freeze has welcomed the decision by the German Agriculture Minister to ban the cultivation of Monsanto’s GM maize Mon 810. The Federal Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner made the announcement this morning in Berlin and said: Germany will apply Article …
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GM Freeze Welcomes Wales’ GM-Free Resolve

Immediate release (24 Feb 2009)

Commenting on yesterday’s statement on the GM-free policy of the Welsh Assembly Government, Pete Riley of GM Freeze said: We warmly welcome this statement, which shows that the Welsh Assembly Government is planning for the long term rather than supporting …
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ECJ Ruling Scuppers Plans for Secret GM Test Sites

Immediate release (18 Feb 2009)

Calls for secrecy on GM crop test sites in the UK [1] have been scuppered by a ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) published yesterday. In the ruling [2] the ECJ said that under EU Directive 2001/18: general …
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Joint Open Letter to Royal Society re: Crop Production Study

Immediate release (24 Sep 2008)

Professor David Baulcombe Chair, Working Group The Royal Society 6-9 Carlton House Terrace London SW1Y 5AG 24 September 2008 Dear Prof. Baulcombe, re: Biological approaches to enhance food crop production An Open Letter We are writing to express our serious …
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Brown and Woolas Short on GM Facts and History

Immediate release (19 Jun 2008)

Prime Minster Gordon Brown’s and Environment Minister Phil Woolas’ calls for a re-think on GM crops in the UK to increase yields have been described by GM Freeze as “short on facts and history”. The group point out that four …
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Non-GM Crops Dominate in World Agriculture

Immediate release (17 Jun 2008)

Non-GM crops bred using traditional plant breeding methods still provide most of the food and animal feed in the world, covering more than 97% of agricultural land [1] compared with only 2.4% growing GM crops. The new analysis [2] was …
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Defra Approve GM Potatoes Application

Immediate release (9 May 2008)

GM Freeze described today’s announcement by Defra to approve an application to trial GM potatoes near Tadcaster in North Yorkshire a by the University of Leeds as “very unwise and unnecessary”. The decision comes two months after a public consultation …
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Debenham’s GM Ban Welcomed

Immediate release (25 Apr 2008)

GM Freeze has warmly welcomed Debenham’s decision to ban GM food ingredients from its restaurants and cafes announced today. The Freeze has been calling upon all companies to include products, such meat, milk, cheese, eggs and fish, grown using GM …
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