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Press releases

News releases and comments from GM Freeze are listed below.

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EU Citizens Will Decide on GM, Not US/WTO Bullying

Immediate release (7 Feb 2006)

The US, supported by Argentina and Canada, lodged a complaint against Europe’s precautionary approach to GM in May 2003 at the World Trade Organisation. The case accuses Europe of undue delay in approving new GM products and of unscientific bans …
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Europe Plans to Allow GM Contamination of Organic Food

Immediate release (22 Dec 2005)

Plans announced yesterday by the European Commission to allow organic food to be contaminated up 0.9% GM have been condemned by GM Freeze as the “thin edge of a wedge”. The EC’s draft regulations [1] states that, “Products containing GMOs …
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DFID Ignores Evidence on GM

Immediate release (7 Dec 2005)

DFID continues to assert the potential of biotechnology in its agricultural strategy launched today [1], in spite of growing concerns in southern countries about GM crops. China and South Africa have both recently slowed the introduction of GM crops in …
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GM Freeze Condemns Terminator Gene Patents Decisions

Immediate release (25 Oct 2005)

News released by Greenpeace International (see Press Release below) that patents for Terminator Technology have been granted in Europe and Canada have been condemned by GM Freeze. GM Freeze wants the UK Government to take a strong stance against the …
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GM Freeze Continues

Immediate release (10 Aug 2005)

The Five Year Freeze (FYF), the national campaign calling for a moratorium on GM commercialisation, is changing its name. From August 10th it will be known as GM Freeze. The change is to reflect a continuing need to highlight the …
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European GM Crop Co-existence Recommendations Legally Flawed

Immediate release (21 Mar 2005)

As European Commissioners gather to debate the future of Genetically Modified (GM) crops and food tomorrow (22 March), environment and consumer representatives have exposed an EC Recommendation, guiding member states on GM crops, as legally and fundamentally flawed. The NGOs …
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Latest FSE Results Are No Justification for GM Go Ahead

Immediate release (21 Mar 2005)

The results of the farm scale evaluations of GM winter oilseed rape, published today, should not be used to justify the commercial go ahead for this controversial crop say the Freeze Campaign. The results show less dramatic harm to wildlife …
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New Study Overturns Claimed Wildlife Benefits of GM Crops

Immediate release (15 Mar 2005)

Today, in advance of the announcement of the final results of the Farm-scale Evaluations (FSE) of GM winter oilseed rape next Monday (21st March 2005), GeneWatch UK, the GM Freeze and Friends of the Earth, jointly published two key documents: …
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Morley Urged to Oppose Terminator Genes

Immediate release (8 Feb 2005)

The GM Freeze have urged Environment Minister Elliott Morley to oppose moves by the Canadian Government to force through a proposal to legalise the use of terminator genes at a UN meeting in Bangkok this week. Documents released at the …
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GM Sugar Beet Research Leaves Wildlife Short of Grub

Immediate release (19 Jan 2005)

New research on GM sugar beet published tomorrow (1) shows that different crop management will leave the UK’s farmland wildlife short of food at some stage in the year. The research carried out by the UK’s only sugar beet research …
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GM Seeds – And then There Were None

Immediate release (16 Dec 2004)

The GM Freeze warmly welcomed the news that the two remaining applications to place GM seeds on the UK’s “national seed list” were withdrawn by Bayer CropScience on 9th November. There are now currently no GM varieties awaiting seed listing …
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