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Press releases

News releases and comments from GM Freeze are listed below.

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Gates Money for GM Nitrogen Fixing No Silver Bullet

Immediate release (16 Oct 2012)

GM nitrogen fixing cereals are a mirage says a new publication from GM Freeze. The complex genetics involved are proving an obstacle to success, and even if it does work the technology is likely to result in lower yields. [1] …
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European Scientists: EU GM Crop Safety Testing Flawed

Immediate release (5 Oct 2012)

The European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility (ENSSER) today responded to the criticism levelled at the recent research paper reporting the results of the long-term feeding of GM maize to rats. [1] The statement points out that …
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Government Rejects EAC Call for Tighter GM Controls

Immediate release (12 Sep 2012)

The Government response [1] to the Environmental Audit Committee’s (EAC) Report on Sustainable Food [2] today rejected all of the Committee’s recommendations for tighter regulation and scrutiny of GM food and crops including: “Additional conditionalities applied to GM crops beyond …
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EU Food Authorities Pave Way for Meat and Milk from GM Animals

Immediate release (4 Jul 2012)

European Union officials are paving the way to bring genetically modified (GM) animals to the European market. European authorities have developed safety guidelines for the introduction of GM animals [1] – a precursor to approving such products for commercial sale. …
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Patents Ban on Plants and Animals Welcomed

Immediate release (11 May 2012)

Commenting on yesterday’s European Parliament vote calling on the European Patents Office to stop granting patents on conventionally bred plants and animals, [1] GM Freeze Campaign Director Pete Riley said: GM Freeze is delighted that MEPs have so conclusively voted …
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GM Wheat Outcrosses Six Times More Than Non-GM

Immediate release (3 May 2012)

Recent research has found that varieties of GM wheat are outcrossing to other plants at a rate six times higher than conventional varieties. [1] These findings, along with other data showing wheat can outcross from commercial fields to crops over …
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Morrisons new offer: GM-fed eggs for Easter

Immediate release (4 Apr 2012)

GM Freeze today warned shoppers that in the run-up to Easter Morrisons’ change of policy abandoning the requirement for poultry farmers to use only non-GM feed also applies to egg producers. An email from Morrisons Head of Policy David Scott …
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