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Press releases

News releases and comments from GM Freeze are listed below.

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Morrisons Ignores Customers, Piles Pressure on Farmers

Immediate release (26 Mar 2012)

GM Freeze today said farmers should be very wary of Morrisons’ switch to GM feed in poultry. The company’s announcement that it will now allow poultry producers to use feed for their flocks containing GM ingredients [1] could lead to …
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Danish Proposal on GM Law Reform Fails to Find Favour

Immediate release (12 Mar 2012)

Proposals from the Danish Presidency to reform the EU legislation on approving GM crops for cultivation failed to reach a qualified majority at Friday’s Environment Council first reading. [1] The Danes had previously said they wanted the proposals to go …
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UK Must Reject Danish GM Reforms

Immediate release (5 Mar 2012)

GM Freeze has today asked Defra Secretary of State Caroline Spelman to reject the latest draft from the Danish Presidency proposing reform of the EU legislation on cultivating GM crops. The move claims to permit Member States to ban GM …
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Monsanto Bow to French Ban on GM Maize Seed in 2012

Immediate release (25 Jan 2012)

Monsanto has announced that they will not be selling seeds for their GM maize MON810 in France [1] this year following an announcement last week that the French Government would seek to extend their ban [2] on its cultivation despite …
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France Determined to Continue GM Maize Ban

Immediate release (17 Jan 2012)

GM Freeze welcomed the confirmation from the French Government it intends to continue its ban on cultivating Monsanto’s MON810 GM. [1] ***correction 30 Jan 2012: Bulgaria also bans GM cultivation, brining the EU total to seven countries. Apologies for this …
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FSA: Consumers demand better GM labelling

Immediate release (9 Jan 2012)

Research sponsored by the Food Standards Agency (FSA, published today [1]) has found very strong support for comprehensive labelling on all genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the food chain, including labels for meat, milk, eggs and fish from animals reared …
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Rothamsted’s GM Wheat “Remodel” is High Risk Option

Immediate release (22 Nov 2011)

GM Freeze today described Rothamsted Research’s proposal to attempt to increase wheat yields using GM as a “high risk and potentially costly mistake”. Rothamsted’s new five year science strategy, published last week, includes an aim to increase wheat yields to …
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Insects Developing Resistance to GM Bt Crops

Immediate release (10 Nov 2011)

GM Freeze today published a review of insect resistance to Bt toxins in GM maize and Bt cotton crops around the world. It shows how, contrary to promises from GM companies, pesticide use is increasing to keep up with insects …
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RR Crops to Raise the White Flag?

Immediate release (19 Oct 2011)

Superweed spreading “exponentially” in GM cotton – Monsanto tells farmers they are on their own Herbicide resistant weeds are winning the pesticide “arms race” in US Roundup Ready crops, and Monsanto has no intention of shouldering responsibility for rising weed …
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