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for a responsible, fair & sustainable food system

Our values

Those promoting GM often criticise campaigners for focusing on values. At GM Freeze we are proud to say that our work is motivated by the following set of core values.

We believe that…

  • everyone in the world deserves nutritious food that is produced responsibly, fairly and sustainably.
  • people have a right to know what they are eating and how it was produced.
  • farming is a vital and valued part of British life, the landscape and our economy.
  • social factors, justice and ethics are important considerations in food and farming policy.
  • the precautionary principle must be applied when considering the risks of releasing new technology into the environment.
  • genetic resources are a public good and should not be controlled by any individual, group or company.
  • resilience relies on diversity and that global food security cannot be achieved without maintaining a wide variety of crops, animals and farming practices.
  • the cloning of farm animals causes great suffering and is, therefore, unacceptable.

We work..

  • from a strong evidence base.
  • collaboratively with others to achieve shared goals while respecting each organisation or individual’s different perspective and approach.

yellow wagtail in flowering oilseed rape field