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Burnt-toast GM wheat gets go-ahead Risky experimental crop to be released in an open field trial

Comment (27 Aug 2021)

Liz O'Neill - liz[at] 07811 211 404

Commenting on news that the Government has given the go-ahead to an open field trial of GM “low acrylamide” wheat at Rothamsted Research, GM Freeze Director Liz O’Neill said:

It’s hard to understand the thinking that leads GM developers to decide that mutilating the DNA of a staple food crop is a more effective response to the disputed dangers of burnt toast than teaching people how to use a toaster properly.

The damage caused to the genome of these plants goes way beyond the intended traits. The genetic mutations are not stable but are already causing negative impacts on germination and changes in seed size.

This highly experimental wheat is a risk to farmers and the food chain yet it will be grown in an open field where containment can never be guaranteed.  The UK Government needs to listen to its citizens and put in place proper safeguards for all forms of genetic engineering.

A fully referenced formal objection to the trial was lodged by GM Freeze and 27 other organisations in June and can be viewed at