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Debenham’s GM Ban Welcomed

Immediate release (25 Apr 2008)

Calls to Pete Riley 0845 217 8992 or 07903 341065

GM Freeze has warmly welcomed Debenham’s decision to ban GM food ingredients from its restaurants and cafes announced today.

The Freeze has been calling upon all companies to include products, such meat, milk, cheese, eggs and fish, grown using GM animal feed to be included in company bans. They also want clear labels to be introduced on packs or menus so that people can see if the animals producing them have been fed GM or not.

Concerns about GM feed include:

  • Food and feed safety.
  • Herbicide residues in feed and products.
  • Environmental impact of GM crop cultivation.
  • The domination of biotech corporations for the supply of seeds and agrochemicals.
  • GM contamination.
  • No right to avoid GM fed products

Commenting Pete Riley of GM Freeze said:

We are very pleased with Debenham’s ban on GM ingredients. It shows high street stores in the UK are still listening to their customers. We will be contacting the company to clarify their position on GM animal feed which we regard to their policy on GM animals feed. Other companies need to act to remove GM from their supply chain entirely including animal feed.


Calls to Pete Riley 0845 217 8992 or 07903 341065.

Please note GM Freeze’s new land line number 0845 217 8992

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