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EU approval of 3 new GM crops shows real face of GM 2.0

Comment (22 Jul 2016)

Press contact: Liz O'Neill, liz[at], 07811 211 404

Commenting on the news that the European Commission has authorised three new GM soyabeans for import, after the European Council (member countries) could not reach a decision, GM Freeze Director Liz O’Neill said:

We hear constantly about the hypothetical potential of new GM techniques but this is the real face of GM 2.0 – more monocultures, sprayed with more herbicides. The recent US National Academy of Sciences report on GM highlighted the “major agricultural problems” caused by GM herbicide tolerant crops and EU approval for three more will only make those problems worse.

European nations refused to approve these three crops and EU consumers have been voting with their wallets for years. Sales of GM foods are minimal across Europe because they have to be declared on the label. However, that’s not the case with meat, eggs and dairy products from animals fed on GM. Today’s move will bring yet more GM into the UK and the rest of Europe and consumers will find it very difficult to avoid buying GM-fed.

This is a big step backwards for anyone who wants their food to be produced responsibly, fairly and sustainably.

GM Freeze is the UK’s umbrella campaign for a moratorium on GM in food and farming. Members include the Soil Association, Friends of the Earth, farmers, scientists, retailers and local campaigners.