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Europe Plans to Allow GM Contamination of Organic Food

Immediate release (22 Dec 2005)

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Plans announced yesterday by the European Commission to allow organic food to be contaminated up 0.9% GM have been condemned by GM Freeze as the “thin edge of a wedge”.

The EC’s draft regulations [1] states that, “Products containing GMOs will not be able to be labelled as organic, except those containing up to 0.9 percent of GMO content through accidental contamination.”

The current Organic Regulations in the EC prohibit the use of GM in organic production. [2]

Previous research by the EC concluded that large scale GM planting would make avoiding GM contamination very difficult. [3]

Commenting Pete Riley Director of the GM Freeze Campaign said:

The proposal from the European Commission is a thin end of a wedge which will allow the creeping contamination of organic food across Europe. Next the biotech industry will be lobbying for higher thresholds because they cannot contain their genes and seeds. Instead of standing up for European food consumers the Commission has given into biotech industry lobbying. By allowing GM contamination of organic foods the Commission will damage the thriving organic sector in the interests of an industry unable to find a market.

Calls to Pete Riley 07903 341 065.

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[2] EC Regulation 1804/1999

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