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French GM Whistleblower Wins Defamation Case Against Biotech Industry Body

Immediate release (19 Jan 2011)

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GM Freeze has warmly welcomed the judgement of the French Court in favour of Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini against the French Association of Plant Biotechnologies (FAPB) and a member of its staff for defamation announced today. [1]

Professor Séralini sued FAPB and staff member Marc Fellous following a sustained smear campaign against him and his research into the health impacts of GM crops. He re-analysed company data for three GM maize varieties produced by Monsanto and concluded that there were potential health impacts, for example:

Chemistry measurements reveal signs of hepatorenal toxicity, marked also by differential sensitivities in males and females. [2]

Today the court awarded the damages of one Euro as requested by Séralini. It also imposed a fine and costs on the defendant.

This case is one of several examples where the integrity of GM whistle blowers has been the subject to attack by fellow scientists supportive of GM technology. [3]

Commenting Pete Riley Of GM freeze said:

We warmly welcome this judgement and are delighted for Professor Séralini. Let’s hope that we now see an end to the type of smear campaign we saw in this case and others over the last decade or so.

Freedom of independent scientists to challenge the finding of scientific findings funded by an industry trying to sell seeds or chemicals is a vital element. History of technological disasters tells us that industry and regulators are the last people to recognise and admit there is a problem. We fully support Séralini’s right to pursue his research on GM crops and wish him more power.



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