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Germans Ban GM Maize

Immediate release (14 Apr 2009)

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GM Freeze has welcomed the decision by the German Agriculture Minister to ban the cultivation of Monsanto’s GM maize Mon 810.

The Federal Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner made the announcement this morning in Berlin and said:

Germany will apply Article 23 of Directive 2001/18 to allow emergency measures against the EU approved GM maize variety. Mon810 is genetically engineered to produce Bt toxins that target an insect pest of maize.

The decision brings the total number of member states banning the cultivation of Mon810 to six (Austria, Luxemburg, France, Hungary and Greece being the other five). In addition, Italy and Poland have de facto bans in place.

Commenting Pete Riley of GM Freeze said:

This is very good news for the whole of Europe, where non-GM food and animal feed is in great demand. Germany can now contribute to non-GM maize production without problems with GM contamination. Concerns about direct and indirect effects of GM plants which produce their own insecticides on the environment and health have been expressed many times over the last decade. A significant number of Member States have now decided to take action and the debate must continue at all levels. Do GM crops fit into European vision of sustainable farming? The latest decision by the German Agriculture Minister suggest they do not.


Calls to Pete Riley 0845 217 8992 or 07903 341 065.