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GM Freeze Continues

Immediate release (10 Aug 2005)

Calls to Carrie Stebbings 07761 619288

The Five Year Freeze (FYF), the national campaign calling for a moratorium on GM commercialisation, is changing its name. From August 10th it will be known as GM Freeze. The change is to reflect a continuing need to highlight the problems with GM that remain unresolved and the hardening of public attitudes against it, as well as promoting sustainable alternatives to GM food and crops.

Our new contact details will be:
Pete Riley, Director –
Carrie Stebbings, Co-ordinator –
Website –

Our postal address remains: GM Freeze, 94 White Lion Street, London, N1 9PF. Tel: 020 7837 0642. Fax: 020 7837 1141

The FYF was launched in 1999 when the alliance of over 120 national organisations called for a minimum five year moratorium on GM commercialisation for food and farming, until a number of conditions are met. GM Freeze’s long term demands remain the same:

  • a system is developed where people can exercise their right to choose products free of GM;
  • a system of public involvement in the decisions on the need for and the regulation of GM;
  • a system to prevent genetic pollution of the environment;
    strict legal liability for adverse effects on people or the environment from the release and marketing of GMOs;
  • an independent assessment of the implications of patenting genetic resources;
  • an independent assessment of the social and economic impact of genetic engineering on farmers;
  • a system to prevent harm to human health;
  • a proper assessment of the impact of GM crops on the global food supply;
  • a commitment that animal welfare should be prioritised when decisions are made about genetic modification of animals for use in food and farming.

GM Freeze Director, Pete Riley commented:

Members of the Five Year Freeze have agreed that much more needs to be known about the health, environment, social and economic impacts of GM crops before any decisions to go ahead are made. The case for not introducing GM crops is stronger now than it was when we started the Freeze. GM Freeze will continue to oppose any commercial applications until our demands are met. GM Freeze is not convinced that GM crops will bring any lasting long term benefits. We are concerned that the commercial pressure to introduce GM crops quickly has diverted research away from lasting solutions to the problems generated by intensive farming methods and the economic reforms needed to make farming a viable occupation around the world.


Calls to Carrie Stebbings 07761 619288