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GM Freeze Welcome Prince Charles’s Comments on GM Crops

Immediate release (14 Aug 2008)

Calls to Pete Riley 0845 217 8992 or 07903 341 065

GM Freeze has welcomed Prince Charles’s comments on the risks of widespread introduction of GM crops to the environment.

The group supports his view that large scale production of GM crops will not be sustainable and will lead to the destruction of rural communities.

Commenting Pete Riley of GM Freeze said:

Prince Charles’s comments are a welcome contribution to the ongoing debate about GM crops around the world. Some of the strongest opposition comes from small and family farmers in South America and India who are already experiencing the social, economic and cultural impacts of GM crop monocultures driven forward by global corporations. The Prince has also focused on the environmental impacts of GM crops especially on the soil. Very little research is available on such impacts in South America where there is enormous pressure on farmers to adopt GM crops. In this country the government decided to ban four GM crops because of their impact on wildlife. Until very recently, research has ignored the impacts on soil and consequently our knowledge of how GM crops will impact on life below ground is very limited.

The debate about GM crops is not only about science and the Prince Charles’s comments will enable the wider social, economic, cultural and political issues to get the attention they deserve.


Calls to Pete Riley 0845 217 8992 or 07903 341 065.