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GM Freeze Welcomes GM Brinjal Decision

Immediate release (9 Feb 2010)

Commenting on today’s announcement of a moratorium on the approval of GM brinjal in India, Pete Riley of GM Freeze said:

GM Freeze warmly welcomes the decision by the Indian government to place a moratorium on the approval of GM brinjal (eggplant) in India. Brinjal is part of the staple diet of millions of Indians and the presence of the Bt insect resistance gene raises significant food safety questions.

India is the origin of the brinjal family of plants, so containing GM trait once the GM brinjal is released could prove impossible. There are also doubts about how effective the insect resistance would be in the long term.

The moratorium is a wise decision and the Indian government should be congratulated for responding to the concerns expressed by people throughout India, which demonstrates that opposition to GM is deep seated and global. If additional research needs to be carried out, it should be under public control in order to prevent experimental genes entering the food chain or environment, as has happened all too often in the US.