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GM ingredients in Domino’s and Waitrose

Comment (21 Mar 2015)

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Commenting on the news that Domino’s is selling GM pizza bases, and Waitrose has started stocking GM Hershey’s bars GM Freeze Director Liz O’Neill said:

Imported American sweets are bad enough but if Domino’s are making GM pizza bases here in the UK then they really are out of step with their customers. People in the UK have demonstrated time and again that they don’t want to eat GM food and the Food Standards Agency’s public attitudes survey recently showed concern about GM at an all-time high. Whether motivated by concern for declining wildlife and flourishing superweeds, wider ethical issues, safety or personal preference, we have a right to make an informed choice and the conflicting statements on the Domino’s website currently make that virtually impossible.

With Waitrose’s website proudly stating that ‘we intend to stay as GM free as we can for as long as we can [because it] is what our customers want’, it is hard to fathom why a retailer that trades on quality and ethics has started stocking products with GM ingredients that the manufacturer themselves has committed to phasing out. We expect more from Waitrose than America’s cast offs.

A list of of GM products spotted on the shelves and information on how you can help is available at

At 3pm on 20 March Domino’s website claimed that their products were all GM-free. The FAQs page was updated by the early hours of 21 March. GM Freeze welcomes this clearer information for consumers but is concerned that it seems to have taken a story in the Daily Mail to make it happen.