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GM on the shelves in Marks & Spencer

Comment (10 Nov 2014)

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Commenting on the news that Marks & Spencer is stocking six products containing GM ingredients, GM Freeze Director Liz O’Neill said:

We have already seen American sweet treats containing GM ingredients sneaking into Tesco and other retailers, but however trendy it is to sell imported foods, UK consumers don’t want GM in their food and they have been contacting us to express their concern. The GM maize and soya in these products is designed to withstand a pesticide regime that has been implicated in the 90% decline of monarch butterfly populations and a range of other environmental, social and ethical concerns. People expect to be able to trust their favourite retailers, who wouldn’t put these ingredients in their own brand products. Sadly, it now seems that anyone who cares about what they are putting in their body and the damage that its production does to wildlife and small farmers will need to read the small print on the label.

A list of of GM products spotted on the shelves and information on how you can help is available at