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No public support for removal of GM safeguards GM Freeze responds to measures announced in Queen's Speech

Comment (10 May 2022)

Liz O'Neill, liz[at], 07811 211 404

Responding to plans for a Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill, announced in today’s Queen’s Speech and detailed on page 61 of the Lobby Pack briefing notes, Liz O’Neill, Director of umbrella group GM Freeze said:

All genetic technologies can – and often do – go wrong. That’s why we need the safety net of proper public protections. Defra’s own consultation demonstrated overwhelming public rejection of Government plans and widespread concern about the idea of regulating on the basis of what “could have been” rather than what has actually been done to a genetically manipulated organism.

People want to know what they are buying and eating. Farmers and food producers have the right to decide whether or not they are using GMOs and these proposals will make it impossible for them to do that. As they will only apply to England they also risk fuelling friction between the nations of the UK and undermining trust with our most important trading partners.