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Role of WTO in GM Food Complaint Challenged

Immediate release (9 Feb 2006)

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In response to the news of the World Trade Organisation ruling in favour of the United States and against the European Union in the GM complaint, Carrie Stebbings of the GM Freeze campaign commented:

“The WTO is not a suitable forum for decisions about food and agriculture. Concerns about the environment, health, animal welfare and consumer choice are excluded in favour of the free movement of agricultural goods, regardless of their impact. The ruling proves that there should be a thorough review of how trade in food is regulated.

“The WTO ruling will not lead to an increase in the acceptance of GM food in Europe. There was no market for these products in 1999, there is no market in 2006 and public attitudes are not softening. The Americans should try producing food that is trusted and that people want to eat.”

Calls to Pete Riley on 07903 341 065.