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“Surrogate sires” are just media hype to improve the image of GMOs

Comment (15 Sep 2020)

Liz O'Neill - liz[at] 07811 211 404

Commenting on news that scientists from Edinburgh and the United States are using new GMO to develop an alternative to highly successful artificial insemination programmes, GM Freeze Director Liz O’Neill said:

This is yet another “proof of concept” study being hyped in the media to improve the image of GMOs. We already grow enough food to feed the predicted peak world population (expected in 2050) but the poor are hungry and the rich overweight. If feeding people was really the priority here, our best brains would be focused on addressing food waste, over-consumption and the unfair distribution of global wealth, rather than promoting hypothetical high-tech approaches that put animal welfare very low down the list of priorities.