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UK GM Camelina trial given consent

Comment (16 Apr 2014)

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Commenting on the announcement that Defra has granted consent for Rothamsted Research to plant an open-air trial of GM Camelina sativa, modified to produce omega 3 fatty acids, GM Freeze Director Liz O’Neill said:

GM Freeze opposed this trial and we’ve learned two things from the judgement in its favour.

Firstly the Government’s advisors don’t think it really matters if GM seed escapes from the trial site via field mice, slugs and snails and, secondly it’s not anyone’s job to consider how any crop eventually developed from the trial will actually benefit farming or society as a whole.

Given that two crops conventionally bred to produce omega 3 fatty acids are already available in the national seed catalogue, its hard to understand how all of the time, brain power and public money being expended on GM Camelina can really be an effective way to make food production more sustainable.

For more on why GM Freeze and others object to trial see Groups object to new UK GM trial plan