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Detailed, referenced briefings and other detailed documents on a range of GM-related topics. Most have been created by GM Freeze but we also include some from our members or partners where they are the experts on this topic.

Old Fashioned Greenwash: Sainsbury’s and GM animal feed

8 Jul 2013

Broken Promises: Tesco and GM animal feed

27 Jun 2013

Monarch Butterflies: If GM Bt doesn’t get them, Roundup will

25 Jun 2013

The Herbicide Treadmill in Roundup Ready Crops – EU environment faces huge increase in toxic burden

21 Jun 2013

A briefing by PAN UK and GM Freeze

Whatever happened to “Plan A”? Marks and Spencer and GM animal feed

31 May 2013

Objecting to Rothamsted’s UK GM Winter Wheat Application

1 May 2013

Deadline for objections was 17 May 2013

The Co-op, GM Soya Animal Feed and the Roundtable On Responsible Soy

30 Apr 2013

Gene VI in GM Crops: What’s happening and why you should know

11 Mar 2013

Designed to Mislead – Reading University survey on GM coexistence

11 Mar 2013

Wheat and Oilseed Rape Yields – Factors with the greatest impact and why GM will not make a difference

10 Jan 2013