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Detailed, referenced briefings and other detailed documents on a range of GM-related topics. Most have been created by GM Freeze but we also include some from our members or partners where they are the experts on this topic.

Letter to Caroline Spelman re: EFSA guidance for the environmental risk assessment of genetically modified plants

5 May 2011

Letter to Caroline Spelman

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Letter to Caroline Spelman - Annex

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Blind Faith: An analysis of the DG Sanco report on the socio-economic implications of GMO cultivation

3 May 2011

Update on Cloning of Animals for Food Production

1 Jan 2011

This briefing provides details and background on the presence of the offspring of cloned cattle in the UK and the implications of these highly controversial developments for health, animal welfare and consumer choice.

GM Contaminated Oilseed Rape in Somerset: Freedom of information action tribunal hearing

4 Dec 2010

GM Salmon: What’s happening and what you can do

16 Sep 2010

GM in The Dock: US Courts step in where regulators fail

31 Jul 2010

A series of three briefings:

Briefing I: Courts check the spread of GM alfalfa and beet

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Briefing II: Monsanto and the monopoly investigators

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Briefing III: Bayer brought to book for contaminating rice

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The Case for Banning GM Oilseed Rape in Wales

31 May 2010

Thirteen Reasons Why the Roundtable on Responsible Soy will not Provide Responsible or Sustainable Soya Bean Production

31 May 2010

A Tale of Two Spuds: The tasty alternative to GM potatoes

31 Mar 2010

Note on a tasting event hosted by GM Freeze, the Gaia Foundation and The Sarvari Research Trust at Konstam

Objecting to an Application to Trial GM Potatoes in Yorkshire

28 Feb 2010