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Detailed, referenced briefings and other detailed documents on a range of GM-related topics. Most have been created by GM Freeze but we also include some from our members or partners where they are the experts on this topic.

Feeding the World with GM Crops: Myth or Reality?

30 Jun 2008

GM Rice Contamination – BT63 from China: EU Issues Emergency Measures from 15 April 2008

10 Mar 2008

Objecting to an Application to trial GM Potatoes in Yorkshire

29 Feb 2008

The International Assessment of Agriculture Science and Technology for Development: A summary of the IAASTD

31 Jan 2008

GM Contamination: Imports of food and feed at risk – measures needed to reduce the threat

31 May 2007

(This report is just over 2500Kb, so may take a short time to open. Printed copies by post available upon request.)

Full Briefing

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The Future of Food and Farming: A report summarising three workshops for smaller businesses on a sustainable food chain

28 Feb 2007

GMOs and the Environmental Liability Directive: The case for special treatment

12 Feb 2007

GM with your Chips?: GM labelling and traceability re: food sold from catering and fast food establishments

31 Jan 2007

BASF’s Application to Field Test Blight Resistant Potatoes in 2007/08

31 Oct 2006