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Consultation responses

Detailed, referenced, written responses to a wide range of formal consultations concerning issues relating to GM in food and farming. This includes objections to UK GM field trials, submissions to parliamentary inquiries and more. Multi-agency responses are submitted on behalf of GM Freeze and other organisations.

FSA: Review of FSA handling of GM contamination of US rice

19 Nov 2007

Cabinet Office: Consultation on effective consultation – asking the right questions, asking the right people, listening to the answers

30 Sep 2007

FSA: Consultation on the guidance note for sampling food and feed to determine the presence of GM material

30 Sep 2007

“Department of the Environment Nothern Ireland: Consultation on proposals for managing the coexistence of GM, conventional and organic crops “

30 Apr 2007

Defra: Consultation on action to be taken against Diabrotica virgifera (Western corn root worm)

31 Mar 2007

Defra: Consultation on options for implementing the Environmental Liability Directive

28 Feb 2007

Welsh Assembly Government: Environmental Liability Directive – consultation on options for implementation

28 Feb 2007