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Consultation responses

Detailed, referenced, written responses to a wide range of formal consultations concerning issues relating to GM in food and farming. This includes objections to UK GM field trials, submissions to parliamentary inquiries and more. Multi-agency responses are submitted on behalf of GM Freeze and other organisations.

EFSA: Comments on the approach proposed for the food safety risk assessment of GM animals

31 Aug 2011

Defra: Objection to GM wheat application Rothamsted Research reference number 11/R8/01

17 Aug 2011

**Please note: Below is the version of our objection as it was submitted. It contains a reference to an “”EU Directive 2011/18 Article 4.3″”. This should read: EU Directive 2001/18/EC Article 4.3.

Also below is the objection submitted by geneticist Ricarda Steinbrecher on behalf of EcoNexus.

GM Freeze objection

Download file

EcoNexus objection

Download file

Defra: Consultation on environmental risk assessment (ERA) of GMOs

15 Apr 2011

Environmental Audit Committee: Inquiry into sustainable food

29 Mar 2011

GM Crops, Weed Resistance and Yield: Additional evidence to the House of Lords Inquiry into innovation in EU agriculture

25 Mar 2011

FSA: Consultation on the application of the Novel Foods Regulations in relation to cloned pigs and cows and their descendents

28 Feb 2011