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Consultation responses

Detailed, referenced, written responses to a wide range of formal consultations concerning issues relating to GM in food and farming. This includes objections to UK GM field trials, submissions to parliamentary inquiries and more. Multi-agency responses are submitted on behalf of GM Freeze and other organisations.

Defra: Objection to GM wheat application Rothamsted Research reference number 11/R8/01

17 Aug 2011

**Please note: Below is the version of our objection as it was submitted. It contains a reference to an “”EU Directive 2011/18 Article 4.3″”. This should read: EU Directive 2001/18/EC Article 4.3.

Also below is the objection submitted by geneticist Ricarda Steinbrecher on behalf of EcoNexus.

GM Freeze objection

Download file

EcoNexus objection

Download file

Defra: Consultation on environmental risk assessment (ERA) of GMOs

15 Apr 2011

Environmental Audit Committee: Inquiry into sustainable food

29 Mar 2011

GM Crops, Weed Resistance and Yield: Additional evidence to the House of Lords Inquiry into innovation in EU agriculture

25 Mar 2011

FSA: Consultation on the application of the Novel Foods Regulations in relation to cloned pigs and cows and their descendents

28 Feb 2011

Defra: Consultation on European Commission’s “”technical solution”” to the low-level presence of unauthorised GMOs

30 Nov 2010

Defra: Consultation on Commission proposals on the freedom for Member States to decide on the cultivation of GM crops

1 Sep 2010

EFSA: Consultation on potential impacts on non-target organisms of GM crops

30 Apr 2010

Submission on potential impacts on non-target organisms of plants using EFSA’s online form reproduced here, see also related paper on risk assessment.

EFSA: Consultation on risk assessment of GM plants

30 Apr 2010

Submission on risk assessment of plants using EFSA’s online form reproduced here, see also related paper on potential impacts on non-target organisms.

Welsh Assembly Government: Consultation on proposals for managing the coexistence of GM, conventional and organic crops in Wales

30 Sep 2009

Submission and related overlapping maps of beekeeping and maize contamination.

Consultation submission

Download file

Map of apiaries

Download file

Map of maize contamination

Download file