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Thin Ice

Our regular newsletter. Printed copies are sent to GM Freeze members and paid-up supporters.

December 2016, Issue 42

2 Dec 2016

News and actions on our much anticipated animal feed campaign Feed me the Truth, news from Europe and a spotlight on India.

September 2016, Issue 41

14 Sep 2016

News on new GM soya beans coming into the UK, our animal feed campaign, new technology troubles and international news from the USA, India and Burkina Faso.

June 2016, Issue 40

30 Jun 2016

News of the approval of two open air GM trials in England and the new research that demonstrates why that shouldn’t have happened. Also, an update on “glypho-gate”, moves to get GM out of the animal feed supply chain in Europe and the USA and a focus on other GM news from across the Atlantic.

March 2016, Issue 39

10 Mar 2016

NGOs v’ industry lobby on new breeding techniques, challenges to EU GM soya imports and other news. We also ask for your input to our forthcoming animal feed campaign and highlight two new applications for GM trials (GM Freeze is objecting).