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Thin Ice

Our regular newsletter. Printed copies are sent to GM Freeze members and paid-up supporters.

December 2014, Issue 35

16 Dec 2014

The December 2014 issue of our quarterly newsletter for members and supporters. We’ve changed the format a little this time so do please let us know what you think by emailing liz[at]

Stories include EU ‘opt outs’, M&S and Parliament’s inquiry into GM and the precautionary principle.

July 2014, Issue 34

31 Jul 2014

Whitehall breaks EU GM promise to Scots, new chief for GM Freeze, global news roundup.

April 2014, Issue 33

2 May 2014

Bt cotton ban in Karnataka, GM maize ban in Mexico, clones for food in the EU and international news roundup,

January 2014, Issue 32

4 Mar 2014

No consensus on GM safety, I’m Steve Marsh, cloning and salmon updates and international news roundup.

October 2013, Issue 31

31 Oct 2013

Another year of damaged Bt crops in US and Brazil, Ghana GM tug-of-war and international round up.

July 2013, Issue 30

31 Jul 2013

UK Government’s new pro-GM sales pitch, EU legal news, international roundup.

April 2013, Issue 29

7 May 2013

Non-GM market gains ground, UK supermarkets dump non-GM feed.

October 2012, Issue 27

31 Oct 2012

Indian Parliament bans GM field tests, probe conflicts of interest, demand proper GM safety testing, International round up.

July 2012, Issue 26

31 Jul 2012

US GM corn overwhelmed by rootworm again, EFSA conflicts of interest, global news roundup.